Racing and Gaming Commission moving closer to horse racing study

ALTOONA — The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission is reviewing two proposals to conduct a study of the horse racing industry in the state.

Racing and Gaming administrator Brian Ohorilko says they hope to make a selection in January. “That study will last will be conducted throughout the rest of the winter in spring, and be presented in the summer of 2023,” he says.

Ohorilko says the study has a simple goal. “Trying to identify and answer certain questions related to horse racing and in to give the commission and really all stakeholders, an idea of what may help the industry improve,” Ohorilko says.

Ohorilko  says a lot has changed in the industry and they want to stay on top of that. “We hope that we’ll get a lot of good information from this. And the timing is really important too, as we’re facing some new federal regulation,” he says.

The new federal law essentially turns over the regulation for drug testing of thoroughbred animals over to the federal government. Ohorilko says they hope the study will help the state answer some of the questions it will face with this new regulation.