One Vision client gives “Warrior Chain” to 1133rd Transportation Company as they prepare for deployment

MASON CITY — As the Iowa National Guard’s 1133rd Transportation Company makes its final preparations for overseas deployment, they received a special gift today during one of their final meetings.

Cory Rios is an outgoing, thoughtful individual with disabilities supported by One Vision. He was inspired to start making a “Warrior Chain” out of paper, with each link being a signature and message of support from people in our community.

Rios says he got the idea of making the “Warrior Chain” after seeing something on television.  “It was through the Wounded Warrior project that I watched on TV. I felt bad for people who served our country and I thought it would be nice to help people who serve our country with this chain I made. It took me a long time for me to make it. A lot of sweat went into making it, and I’m just happy that I can help the men and women of our country.”

Rios has been working on the paper chain for over a year and a half.  “I just started stapling, I’d take a piece off and I stapled it, and then I’d just kept on stapling it more and more together, and pretty soon I started making a chain.”

One Vision says Rios’ efforts are an excellent example of an individual with disabilities advocating for himself in the interest of wanting to give back to the community.  “I just hope that people can see how anybody with a disability can do something to help the veterans out.”

The 1133rd Transportation Company will be holding a send-off ceremony at 9:00 AM Sunday morning in the All-Seasons Building at the North Iowa Events Center in Mason City.

The 160 members are being deployed to Poland in support of Operation European Assure, Deter and Reinforce. The company will transport equipment and supplies in support of US and NATO forces.


Cory Rios speaking before the 1133rd Transportation Company about his “Warrior Chain”