New Hampton police chief resigns after incident at store

NEW HAMPTON — The New Hampton Police Chief has resigned just days before his first anniversary on the job.

New Hampton Mayor Steve Geerts accepted the resignation of Police Chief Tim Pederson after a closed session of the city council.

According to information from the City, Pederson submitted his resignation because of  “conduct that did not meet the expectations of police chief’s position.” The City says on March 29th, while at a local store, Pederson noticed $40 in cash left in a self-checkout lane. Rather than turn the money into customer service or store staff, Pederson kept the money and left the store. Pederson was called to the store when the customer returned looking for the money, and he gave it back to the customer.

The city statement adds, “While the City of New Hampton is undoubtedly disappointed by Chief Pederson’s actions, we have been very pleased with his performance and the direction he has taken the police department. The City of New Hampton will have no further comment regarding this matter and wishes him success in his future endeavors.”

Pederson joined the New Hampton Department on April 19, 2023, after almost two decades with the Harlan Police Department.