Man accused of killing Wright County pork plant coworker found not ready for trial

DES MOINES — The Iowa Court of Appeals says a man accused of murdering a coworker at a packing plant in Wright County is not yet competent to stand trial.

Lukouxs Brown was charged with first-degree murder for allegedly killing co-worker, Wayne Smith in a locker room at the Prestage pork plant near Eagle Grove in 2021. He was found not competent to stand trial and sent for treatment of schizophrenia at the Iowa Medical and Classification Center. But after several months of treatment was declared still not competent for trial.

The state brought in an outside expert for a second opinion, and the expert found Brown was competent. The Iowa Court of Appeals ruling says opinions of the experts at the classification center hold more weight, and the district court erred in determining that Brown’s trial could proceed.

The ruling says Brown is making progress in regaining competency and the criminal proceedings are suspended indefinitely.