Iowa Lottery sees mixed results in February sales

CLIVE — Iowa Lottery CEO Matt Strawn says sales were up just under one percent in February compared to last year.

“And of course that’s coming off a record year, so pleased that we still have a positive trajectory and sales. Early returns for March indicate that that is still happening,” he says.

Strawn told the Lottery Board Tuesday that year-to-date sales were a little more than $331 million. “Lottery product performance has been a little mixed thus far through Fiscal ’24. With scratch tickets, Powerball, Lucky for Life, Pick Three , Pick Four, all are performing ahead of last year’s sales. While Instaplay pull tabs, Lotto America and Mega Millions, those games have not yet seen year over year sales growth,” Strawn says.

He says the amount of money returned to the state is down slightly. “A total proceeds through February of $73,981,016 dollars are down 3.3% compared to FY ’23 proceeds through February. The most significant contributing factor to this modest decrease in year-over-year proceeds, as you will see in the budget is an increase in prize expenses,” Strawn says.

Scratch tickets were the Lottery’s first product and he says they’ve been doing well this year. “Over the last 52 weeks scratch ticket sales in Iowa are up nearly seven percent compared to what we’re seeing nationally across the lottery industry where scratch sales are a little closer to flat or even with the previous year,” Strawn says. “I think you can attribute that to some changes we’ve made and how we’ve approached the product portfolio.”

The Iowa Lottery has done several promotions surrounding scratch tickets and he says that has helped boost sales. Strawn says the large jackpots in the Powerball and Mega Millions games will help push ahead March sales.