House File 2222 passes unanimously on 2/22/22

DES MOINES — There was a twofer at the Capitol to celebrate yesterday’s palindrome date.

Representative Dustin Hite of New Sharon presented this closing argument on a piece of legislation: “I’m simply going to ask that you all support House File 2222 on 2/22/22. It’s a ‘Twos’ day.”

The bill about procedures in criminal courts was not controversial and passed unanimously, but not before Representative John Wills of Spirit Lake put in his two cents worth.

“I, two, would like to ask if there is any discussion,” Wills said.

Representative Rick Olson of Des Moines added his bits at this point. “Thank you, Mr. Speaker, I have two things to say,” Olson said before calling House File 2222 a simple bill and saying Hite had described it accurately.

Yesterday’s date was a palindrome worldwide, for counties that list the month first and for those who put the date first in the numeric sequence. The last universal palindrome date was more than a decade ago on the 11th of November — 11-11-11.