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Hinson discusses votes on her colleagues leadership and committees

WASHINGTON — Iowa Congresswoman Ashley Hinson, a Republican from Marion, says she was not in favor of removing Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney from party leadership — despite Cheney’s vote for impeachment of the president.

“I disagreed with Congresswoman Cheney on impeachment, on that vote. I’ll just say this, there are going to be many times where I don’t vote the same way as my colleagues — whether or not they are in leadership or in our conference. I do think Liz Cheney is an important leader in our conference and in our party,” Hinson says.

The vote was secret and Hinson was in favor of Cheney staying in her leadership role. Hinson doesn’t think the vote will hurt the party moving forward. “I think Republicans left our disagreements in the room that night. We walked out united and ready to fight for conservative priorities our constituents were sent here to work on,” according to Hinson. “I supported her, Jim Jordan did not, but we all came together with that unified message leaving that room, that we are ready to get to work and fight the liberal agenda. Things like provisions that would have included a 15 dollar minimum wage in this (pandemic relief) bill as well.”

Hinson says she did not support the move to strip committee assignments from Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. “I want to be very clear that her previous rhetoric and conduct are unacceptable to me. The more her past statements have come to light, I would say the more troubled I have become with what I’ve seen. I want to be very clear also — and I really think these statements were made before she became a member of Congress — and while they are abhorrent, I don’t think we should have been setting this precedent of stripping someone of their committee assignments based on actions before they were sworn in.”

Hinson says if Greene makes any form of hateful statement while serving — she will call for the party leadership to hold her accountable.

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