Hinson calls proposed ban on gas stoves “absurd”

MASON CITY — The head of the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission says a ban on gas stoves is being considered as evidence mounts of potential risks to human health. A study released last month found that 13% of childhood asthma cases nationwide can be blamed on indoor use of gas stoves.

Iowa congresswoman Ashley Hinson tells KGLO News that  the proposed ban is absurd.   “I just think it’s really out of touch. I know many families who cook with gas, who heat their homes with gas. To ban gas stoves is just a completely out of touch idea. It goes right along with a lot of the other things we’ve seen come out of this administration. They want to control the cars we drive. They want to control what we eat, how it’s grown, and now even the way Iowans are cooking their food.”

 Hinson says the ban would have a big impact on many Iowans.  “I see this as nonsense. It will disproportionately hurt our rural and low-income Americans. It goes without saying, but we are focused on doing what the American people want us to do. The Biden Administration should be focused on that. They should be focused on reducing inflation, securing the border, focusing on common-sense energy policies, not on banning gas stoves, it’s a ridiculous idea.”

A research article released this month from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences says fine natural gas particulates have also been linked with higher rates of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The American Gas Association has pushed back on the ban proposal, saying that gas stove emissions are similar to those created when cooking with electric stoves.