After Black Friday, shop Iowa’s small businesses on Saturday

DES MOINES — While retailers nationwide are bracing for a shopping extravaganza on this Black Friday, locally-owned merchants across Iowa are hoping for a bigger boost tomorrow.

Jayne Armstrong, director of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Iowa District Office, says Small Business Saturday is a crucial day for the state’s consumers to “Be Loyal, Buy Local.” “It’s just a special day where we get to put the spotlight on small business and say we recognize how important you are,” Armstrong says. “We really want to encourage people to get out and support you this holiday season but really every day is Small Business Saturday.”

Armstrong says 97% of Iowa’s businesses are small businesses and embracing them improves the backbone of our state.  Armstrong says, “If we really want to get out there and support our economy, we need to be supporting small businesses 24/7, 365 days of the year.”

If you’d like to support Iowa’s wealth of merchants who are outside of your immediate area, dozens of businesses are now offering their wares at, which Armstrong says makes it easy to patronize even more hometown heroes in -other- Iowa towns.  “ShopIowa has become very popular,” Armstrong says. “A lot of retailers have really put themselves out there online through With the excellent customer service and everything that they provide, we see a lot of people going through that to buy Iowa-made products.” The website covers a wide array of goods, including artwork, furniture, food, toys, t-shirts, beauty care products, jewelry and more, all crafted in the Hawkeye State.