Two contested City Council races on Mason City ballot

MASON CITY — There’s two contested races for City Council on the Mason City ballot on Tuesday. Three people are running for the at-large seat vacated by the death of Tom Thoma, while Third Ward councilman Joshua Masson is being challenged in his bid for another term.

Kevin Easley, Tim Latham and Leon Robertson are running for the at-large seat. Easley says the city needs to continue its effort to revitalize the downtown area.  “I think it’s important to identify as many buildings as we can and areas as we can and try and make sure they get the best opportunity to stay in good shape as they go along. We’ll see how that plays out.”

Latham is a realtor who is a former county supervisor. He says his experience in government will benefit Mason City residents.   “I think the county benefitted from me being there. We built several sheds, we didn’t borrow any money. We bought a lot of new equipment, didn’t borrow any money. We were fiscally responsible. There was a lot of things I wanted to get done yet but it just didn’t happen, but I would really enjoy being on the City Council and I would bring a lot of business experience.”

Robertson is retired from an ag research job with Dow Chemical and served as a city councilman in Belmond for 12 years before moving to Mason City. He says he’ll be totally open to hearing from residents. “I’m totally open, I want my phone to ring. I’d rather have a phone call than an email. I’d rather have the interaction. I think you get an easier, quicker response when you are talking versus trying to do with email, because someone can say they never got it. That’s why I would just as soon call me and say this is happening. I’m fully capable of listening, investigating and achieving what I believe is right for the city.”

Masson says he’s always tried to listen to his constituents on the issues and isn’t afraid to disagree with his fellow council members.  “I’m not afraid of voting no, yes or no, just whatever I think the people would want. I think I’ve been doing a good job, I’ve been doing it to the best of my ability. I wasn’t born here in Iowa but this definitely is my home now. I came here over 20 years ago on a three-month temporary assignment and just fell in love with it here, and I’ve been here ever since. I enjoy being here, I enjoy serving and I would love to continue to.”

Masson is being challenged by Ryan Schupick, who is employed as an accountant by Schupick and Associates. He says the council could benefit from a fresh face. “I think the City Council could really benefit from a fresh set of eyes on the city business. Someone who will be very responsive and communicative towards the citizens. That’s something that I would love the opportunity to do.”

  There are two uncontested races on the ballot with at-large councilman Paul Adams and First Ward councilman John Lee running for re-election. 


== There are three people running for two positions on the Mason City Park Board with incumbents Jay Lala and Troy Levenhagen being challenged by Scot Wilson.