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Stand-up electric scooters arrive in Mason City

Photo of electric scooters from Bird Rides' Facebook page

MASON CITY — You may have noticed stand-up electric scooters around Mason City.

The company Bird Rides of Santa Monica California recently entered into a memorandum of understanding with the City of Mason City to establish an on-demand scooter program. Users can utilize a smartphone app to locate an available scooter and enable billing the user for their time riding it. Unlike a similar bike sharing program in Mason City, the scooter is not tied to a station or any specific location and may be picked up or abandoned anywhere, with each scooter being monitored wirelessly by Bird so they are aware if a scooter has been damaged or stolen.

City Administrator Aaron Burnett says he’s already seen quite a few people using them throughout the community.   “Hopefully we are able to work through if someone is being irresponsible with those and provide the broader community a nice micro-mobility amenity to keep the downtown even more walkable, even more connected for people who may choose not to have a vehicle.”

Burnett admits the scooters will be more geared towards younger people.   “I will say the age demographic for the scooters tends to be a little bit younger than the average age for Mason City, but it’s good to see those getting used. I have not gotten on one, but the mayor has promised me he would get on one.”

Burnett made his comments during the “Ask the Mayor” program on AM-1300 KGLO this morning. To listen back to the program, head to the audio player below. 


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