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Reynolds receives Johnson & Johnson vaccine at news conference

JOHNSTON — Governor Kim Reynolds received the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccination as part of her news conference earlier today.

Reynolds says it’s misleading and irresponsible to discourage the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine as some non-credible sources have said.  “Unfortunately some critics are suggesting that the J&J vaccine is somehow inferior to those from Pfizer and Moderna because its efficacy rate is lower. This information is misleading and quite frankly it’s irresponsible to position any vaccine as a less desirable option when it has undergone the same rigorous trials to test its safety and efficacy and has received approval from the FDA and CDC.”

Reynolds says she’s disappointed in those who are spreading misinformation about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.  “As you’re weighing your options for vaccination, it’s important that you are getting your information from credible sources.”

Reynolds says the addition of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to the national vaccine supply is a game-changer.  “A first dose vaccine means twice as many people can be fully vaccinated in a fraction of the time it takes to complete two doses spaced at least 21 and 28 days apart, plus it can be stored at routine refrigeration temperatures, allowing greater flexibility to be used in a variety of settings, like workplaces, mass vaccination clinics and of course rural communities.”

If you missed the governor’s press conference you can watch it below.


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