Pair from Manly plead not guilty to child endangerment charges

MANLY — A pair from Manly have pleaded not guilty to child endangerment charges.

A criminal complaint says Manly’s police chief Aaron Pals was dispatched to 213 South Broadway Street for a medical call back on February 13th, where he says he found a three-year-old female who was unconscious and not breathing. Pals says the child started breathing on her own after CPR was given but the child was still unresponsive.

The complaint says the child had numerous wounds in all stages of healing ranging from old scars to fresh open wounds, and that the child had not been taken to a medical facility for treatment.

48-year-old Gary Anderson and 34-year-old Antwine King were charged with one count of child endangerment, that’s a Class D felony punishable by up to five years in prison.

Both were due in court for their arraignment hearing today, but they filed separate written pleas of not guilty in Worth County District Court on Friday. Anderson’s trial has been scheduled to start on December 6th, while court records at last check did not list a trial start date for King.