Mason City council to hold “max levy” hearing in preparation of Fiscal Year ’24 budget

MASON CITY — The City Council in Mason City tonight will hold a public hearing on the maximum property tax dollars to be levied for the city’s Fiscal Year 2024 budget and adopt a max levy resolution.

The state legislature a few years ago passed a law mandating that cities and counties hold a so-called “max levy hearing” in addition to the hearing prior to the formal adoption of the budget. If the proposed increase is more than 2%, it would take a super-majority of the council to approve it, but the budget being proposed would have a decrease in the associated dollars levied of 1.22%.

The current levy is $11.33 per $1000 assessed value, compared to the proposed levy of $10.94 per $1000.

The council meets at 7 o’clock tonight in the Mason City Room of the Public Library.