Iowans are urged to steer clear of fake COVID test kit sites

DES MOINES — Iowans are being warned to watch out for lookalike websites when requesting a free COVID-19 test kit — from the federal government or anywhere else.

Bao Vang, spokeswoman for the Better Business Bureau, says these scam sites may ask for money in order to send you what’s supposed to be a free kit.  “A real website to request a test will not ask for your payment information or insurance details,” Vang says. “The two main things is your name and address.”

If it goes beyond those two basic things, she suggests the website likely isn’t legit.  “These scam sites might be asking for payment or personal information such as your Social Security number,” she says.

Vang says to look closely at the domain name and watch out for tricky sub-domains. The free COVID tests are available through the federal government and they’ll come through the U-S Mail, with no shipping cost. Sign up at: