Iowa Lottery to add another option to Powerball

CLIVE — The Iowa Lottery is preparing to add another option to Powerball tickets that has proven popular in other states.

Lottery spokeswoman Mary Neubauer says it’s called the “Double Play” option. “It allows you to enter the same set of numbers that you bought for the Powerball drawing into a second chance  drawing afterwards where the top prize would be $10 million, and there would be smaller prizes on down the line,” she says.  

The Double Play option is separate from the regular jackpot pool. “I believe there are about 14 states around the country that offer the Powerball Double Play right now,” Neubauer says.

It will cost an extra dollar if you want to add it when you buy your ticket. Neubauer says they don’t know the exact date for rolling out the new option. “Because there’s testing and things that we have to do. But we are shooting hopefully for mid September to have that ready to go,” Neubauer says.  

The state Lottery Board recently approved the plan to move ahead with the Double Play option in Iowa.