If you have questions about Mason City city services, you can now text the city

MASON CITY — Mason City Mayor Bill Schickel says residents can now text the city if they have any questions about city services. 

Schickel says, “We have a new system when you have concerns about city government, you can text those into us at 641-450-1627. You simply text ‘hi’ to that phone number and it runs you through a series of options where you can make your complaint, suggestions and get actions on things in a fairly simple way.”

Schickel says the tool is useful to notify the city of non-emergency issues or to learn about other informational guidance on programs for various departments, agendas, transit, and other city services.   “More and more people are using text rather than a phone call and even going on the web, and I think will be very helpful to people. You just type in there ‘hi’, and if you have a weed complaint, a junk car, a street not being plowed, and for any other questions, you can text it in there, get an answer, and we’re happy to have one more option to stay in touch with the citizens.”

Once again that phone number to text to is 641-450-1627. Find out more about texting the city by clicking here