Hinson ready to get to work after election

MARION — Republican Iowa Congresswoman Ashley Hinson says she wants to stay on the Appropriations Committee after being elected to a second term.

“I think it’s absolutely critical that Iowa continues to have a seat on that committee. I am the only Iowan on the Appropriations Committee,” she says. 

US House Republicans look like they will take back control of the chamber and they will vote today on leadership in anticipation of that happening. Hinson says her leadership choices have been clear. “Kevin McCarthy for Speaker, Steve Scalise for our majority leader, Elise Stefanik, as our conference chair, and I’m supporting Jim Banks as our whip,” she says.

Republicans took back the only Democrat-held house seat when Zach Nunn defeated incumbent Cindy Axne. Hinson says that will be helpful. “Certainly, we will be able to continue to advocate for the agenda that Iowans sent us to Washington D-C to do. It’s very clear to me the story I was out telling him the district and hearing from Iowans, that they valued our commitment to America and they want to see us execute that,” Hinson says.

She detailed what that commitment means.  “The strong economy, the safe nation, the future that’s built on freedom and the government that’s accountable. They want to see us deliver on that. So I think we will be a strong delegation to deliver in that regard,” Hinson says.

Randy Feenstra and Marienette Miller-Meeks also won re-election and make up the rest of the Republican House delegation.