GOP presidential candidate Binkley stops in Mason City, Northwood

MASON CITY — Republican presidential candidate Ryan Binkley stopped in north-central Iowa today. The Texas businessman is president and CEO of Generational Group, which focuses on business consultancy and wealth advisory for business owners.

Binkley tells KGLO News says it’s time to come together on the concept of a balanced federal budget. “It’s time for America to come together to solve our biggest problems. I have a strong fiscal conservative plan because our country is so much in trouble and in debt. My background is in finance, so we built a mergent acquisition investment banking company, so I see through that lens.  That’s probably my area of expertise, maybe more so than any of the other candidates, so it’s time for us to get ourselves in order financially.”

Binkley says it’s time for Republicans to lead culturally.   “It’s time for us to transcend our party. In order for us to solve the immigration crisis and solve the border crisis, as well as come up with rule plans and legislate, I think it’s time we end the era of 400 executive orders for a president to get undone. I’m going to try to lead and connect with people and lead again. When you look at our platform, I think Iowans are going to love it, because it’s straight to the heart of America, it’s really believing each other again, solving our biggest problems together.”

Binkley says he supports Iowa’s renewable fuel industry in an attempt to become energy independent.  “Iowa’s ethanol and everything we use for renewable energy is a key part of that, so we have to expand that. We need to be exporting energy, not borrowing money, and not asking or begging OPEC to give us more oil. We as a nation, in order for us to be financially independent, we are going to have to be independent with energy, and that’s a big leader, so we have to lead that way. I don’t mind people having electric cars, I think I’m all for it, it’s just time to stop asking Americans to pay for them. Right now, America does not have the electronic grid to support this nationwide anyway. I think it’s great and is part of the plan, but we need to be energy independent.”

Binkley made stops this morning in Mason City and Northwood.