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Feenstra talks about his first 100 days as a congressman

Randy Feenstra

MASON CITY — On Monday, it will have been 100 days since Randy Feenstra started as the 4th District congressman representing north-central and northwestern Iowa.

Feenstra tells KGLO News that he wanted to make sure in his first three months in the US House that he was building relationships in Washington and serving on committees that would have an impact for those in his district.  “I’m so excited that I got named to the Agricultural Committee and then the subcommittee dealing with livestock and commodities. I also got put on the Budget Committee so I can work and fight against this out of control spending on these big significant bills. I also got put on Science & Technology, which I’m really excited about. That committee talks about broadband and renewable energy. These are all things that are so important to rural Iowa.”

Feenstra says he wants to represent his district in the best way possible.  “For me it’s just about telling the story of the 4th District and telling the story of Iowa that we have amazing communities and we have amazing agriculture and manufacturing, and that we’re all just trying to survive and provide a better economy for ourselves and our future.”

Feenstra is a Republican from Hull who made stops in Mason City and Charles City earlier this week. 

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