Contest looking for coolest thing made in Iowa

DES MOINES — The Iowa Association of Business and Industry (ABI) is sponsoring its first annual “Coolest Thing Made in Iowa” competition.

ABI spokeswoman Kelsey O’Conner says you don’t have to be a member to nominate a cool thing. “We’re joining about 20 other state associations who have hosted a successful competition like this in their state and it’s really meant to highlight all the cool products that the manufacturing industry in Iowa produces,” O’Conner says. She says it also shows the varied jobs available in the state.

O’Conner says agriculture is a major part of the state’s economy, but not the only industry.  “We do tend to go the Ag way when we think of what Iowa produces, as we should, but we also have lots of cool products that are made that support the ag industry and a lot of other industries worldwide,” she says.

You can make a nomination at “And under contest information you’ll find the nominate a product tab and you go there fill out the simple form, it’s not too intimidating. We just ask for a logo and an image of the product and a short description and then you submit the nominations and we will review those here at A-B-I,” she says. They will take nominations through April 8th and then move through until they have a final four.

“And once those top four are announced they’ll go head to head with each other all four of them and in the final round of voting and then we will announce the winner at ABI’s annual taking care of business conference,” she says. “That conference moves around the state different years. This year we’re going to be in the Quad Cities.”

She says the Coolest Things website can also answer any of your questions about the contest.