Belmond teen involved in Mason City stabbing loses appeal of his conviction

DES MOINES — One of three Belmond teens charged as part of a stabbing in Mason City in 2021, was originally sentenced to ten years in prison but then on appeal was placed only on probation has lost a further appeal of his case to the Iowa Supreme Court.

David Gordon, who was 17 at the time of the crime, was charged after two victims were held down, stabbed multiple times, and had property taken on April 1st, 2021 in the 200 block of 15th Northeast. Gordon as part of a plea agreement pleaded guilty to first-degree theft, a Class C felony, and willful injury, a Class D felony, and was originally sentenced to a total of ten years in prison.

Four months later, District Judge James Drew approved Gordon’s appeal, citing the defendant’s age at the time of the offense and his good behavior while in prison. Drew suspended the prison sentences and fines in the matter and placed Gordon on five years probation.

Gordon filed a further appeal to the Iowa Supreme Court, saying the court abused its discretion in imposing a sentence and not granting him a deferred judgment.

The Iowa Supreme Court today affirmed Gordon’s judgment and sentence, saying Drew correctly interpreted the authority he had when he determined he could not issue a deferred judgment when reconsidering his sentence.