Tim Scott: dispatch special forces to rescue US hostages in Gaza

NEWTON — Republican presidential candidate Tim Scott says U.S. special forces should be sent to Israel to rescue Americans being held hostage by Hamas.

“If you take an American, it should cost you your life,” Scott said Thursday. “…I’m willing to send an American to bring an American back.”

Scott, a South Carolina senator, campaigned in Newton yesterday. Scott told the crowd he’s been to Israel four times. “The one thing I can tell you is they have the fire power and the manpower to wipe Hamas off the face of the earth,” Scott said, “and I hope they do. The wrath of God with a feeling.”

Scott described Israel’s Iron Dome defense system as “a partnership” between the U.S. and Israel that’s working effectively, but must be restocked. “We should be in a position where our resources and our military weaponry is available and accessible to refill and replenish Israel as the need arises over the next several months, I assume,” Scott said.

Scott said the U.S. must always be prepared for conflicts on three continents at once. America’s support of Ukraine “is degrading” the Russian military, according to Scott, and he said another priority should be shoring up the U.S./Mexico border.