Hinson talks about Israel situation

WASHINGTON — Iowa Congresswoman Ashley Hinson last February visited families in the area in Israel where Hamas attacked this past weekend. “The scenes out of Israel in the past few days have been absolutely horrific and frankly stomach churning,” Hinson said. “Hamas terrorists, backed by Iran, have brutally slaughtered innocent civilians. We just got word that 25 Americans have been confirmed murdered and unfortunately more are being held hostage right now.”

Hinson indicated her staff has been working with Iowans who are stuck in Israel. Hinson said the U.S. State Department should authorize our military to evacuate U.S. citizens and, if necessary, charter flights to bring Americans home, “because, as we know, many of the airports have been shut down or have limited flights in and out.”

The Biden Administration is reportedly planning to ask congress to approve a package that includes money for Ukraine, Taiwan and U-S border security as well as additional support for Israel. Hinson told Iowa reporters she opposes that approach.

“There is wide, bipartisan support in congress for Israel and so I’m hopeful we can come together, again put politics and disagreements on other issues aside and then show our friends we’re going to stay true to our word and get them what they need,” Hinson said. “They are our closest ally in the Middle East. We should honor our commitments to them to keep Israel safe, America safe and the world safe.”

Hinson is joining other Republicans in calling for harsh sanctions on Iran and for refreezing Iranian assets that were part of deal that led to the release of five Americans being held in Iran in exchange for several Iranians jailed in the U.S.