Hinson discusses budget issues

WASHINGTON — Republican north-central Iowa congresswoman Ashley Hinson says Democrats are again playing politics with the budget and Social Security.

“I will always support social security. And I will reject any cuts to Social Security. I will also reject the Democrats fear mongering on this issue,” Hinson says. “They are inflationary spending left and right. That has hurt seniors and those on fixed incomes the most.”

Hinson says she is dedicated to protecting Social Security going forward. Hinson says the budget should be done in September, but Congress has missed the deadline for decades. “I am very disheartened by the process here. It’s so broken. Both sides have been to blame for the shutdown politics over the last couple months, there’s been a lot of gamesmanship,” she says.

Hinson says she has worked to craft bills to cut wasteful spending and says it is important to fund the defense portion of the budget. “When you look at what’s happening around the world right now, not only in Israel, but in Ukraine, and with our adversaries like China and Iran, we need to make sure that we are providing a robust defense for our country. If we don’t have a safe and secure country, I don’t think we have anything,” Hinson says.

She says an important part of the defense portion of the bill funds a basic military pay increase, which is the largest such increase in more than 20 years.