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Grassley preps for partisan fight over ‘assault on right to vote’

WASHINGTON — Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley was taking part in a Judiciary Committee hearing today entitled “Jim Crow 2021: The Latest Assault on the Right to Vote.” The hearing’s name was created by Democrats, who hold a thin majority in the Senate.

Grassley, a Republican, is preparing for a very partisan discussion revolving around recent legislative action in Georgia.  “I’m sure we’re going to hear how we’re suppressing voting,” Grassley says, “when there was more turnout in the last election than ever before.”

Georgia Republicans passed a wide-ranging overhaul of the state’s election laws last month. Opponents say the changes will make it harder for black residents to vote in a state where blacks make up almost one-third of the population. Grassley says some of the new measures on Georgia’s books mirror those that are already in place in Iowa.  “And when it comes to early voting, it does more than even the state of Delaware does,” Grassley says, “the state where Biden resides.”

Grassley says he takes issue with the premise of the hearing, which compares recent steps in Georgia to the Jim Crow laws which forced racial segregation in parts of the South following the Civil War.  “I don’t get this suppression of votes when in the last election you had the loser, Trump, getting more votes than any loser had ever before in the history of the country, and the winner, Biden, getting more votes than any winner ever has before in the history of the country,” Grassley says, “so where’s the suppression?”

Grassley says states like New York have more restrictive voting laws than Georgia.

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