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Driver’s license rules updated for 80 year olds

DES MOINES — The state Transportation Commission has adopted some new driver’s license rules to reflect changes recently made by the Iowa Legislature.

DOT Motor Vehicle Division director Melissa Gillett says one of the changes involves the length of license for drivers over 72 years old. (as she said) She says the rules will allow those drivers to get an eight-year license that will be good up until they hit the age of 80.

She says the license length will drop for those close to 80. “A driver’s license with a two-year expiration date will be issued beginning at age 78 and beyond,” Gillett says.

Gillett says they also updated the rules to make it easier for younger drivers to upgrade their licenses.  “To expand that online service to individuals who are subject to the graduated driver’s license program. So those are teenager upgrading — from an intermediate to a full license for example — to allow that transaction to happen online,” according to Gillett.

Young drivers were previously required to go to a driver’s license station to upgrade their license when they hit a birthday and their previous license was still valid.

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