CLEAR LAKE — Democratic presidential candidate and former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke and his family made a campaign stop in Clear Lake on Wednesday.

O’Rourke tells KGLO News that he’s gotten good reaction on the things he addressed during last week’s candidate debate. “I think I’ve gotten some great feedback on the case that I made, the generation that is inspiring us that’s leading right now on all the issues that we care about. The very youngest of the generations to come who are counting on us for whom we do this work. The way in which we want to bring every single person in to our democracy so that it and our economy and this country works for everybody. So many people locked out of the success and the greatness of America, I want to bring everybody into that.”

O’Rourke says the public needs to continue to pressure lawmakers to make changes in the immigration laws.  “The more that people understand that we’re going to rewrite our immigration laws to make sure they know family is ever separated, that no kids or ever detained, that no one is ever criminally prosecuted for seeking refuge or asylum or shelter, especially if they’re fleeing persecution or violence in their own country, then I think the better chance we have of bringing people in to a process it will rewrite this country’s immigration laws in our own image.”

O’Rourke and his family spent some time last night at the opening of the carnival in Clear Lake.