Clear Lake council to consider second reading of rezoning land for residential development, city administrator raise

CLEAR LAKE — The Clear Lake City Council tonight will consider the second reading of an ordinance rezoning land near the Clear Lake State Park campground for residential development.

The council in August denied rezoning the seven-and-a-half acre parcel at 2605 South Shore Drive after receiving a petition from Webster City developer AKK Investment Properties who wanted to place an RV campground on the land just north of the Clear Lake State Park campground and just south of a residential neighborhood. Some people in the neighborhood recommended that the developer look into placing housing on the land instead. 

AKK then came back to the city asking that the land be rezoned from low-density single-family residential to medium-density single-family residential, which would allow the developer the ability to construct twin homes or duplexes as well as single-family dwellings.

After the city’s Planning & Zoning Commission unanimously recommended changing the zoning at their September 27th meeting, the City Council approved the first of three necessary readings for the zoning change to take place.

The second reading is scheduled for tonight’s council meeting with the third likely to happen at the council’s November 7th meeting.

=== The council in a separate action is being asked to approve a pay raise for City Administrator Scott Flory. Flory is currently paid a bi-weekly salary of $5934.39, or about $154,300 on a yearly basis. The council will consider raising his salary to a bi-weekly rate of $6242.97, or about $162,320 on a yearly basis.

Flory has been Clear Lake’s city administrator since 2001.



The council mets tonight at 6 o’clock at City Hall.