Clear Lake council agrees to be co-applicant on future grant application for North Iowa Children’s Museum

CLEAR LAKE — The Clear Lake City Council last night approved the city being a co-applicant on a future grant application request for the proposed North Iowa Children’s Museum.

The Children’s Museum is a registered non-profit that plans to create an up-to-20,000 square foot destination for learning and exploration with hands-on exhibits that would encourage different learning styles including gross and fine motor engagement, imaginative and dramatic play, and collaboration.

Board member Ellen Pritchard Sedlock says the organization wants to apply for one of two grants through the Iowa Economic Development Authority.  “One of those is the CAT Grant as well as Destination Iowa. I’m not here to ask for any money or anything of that sort from the city, but I am here to ask for a letter of intent to partner with us on that endeavor. Essentially get a grant writer, start preparing for those, because those deadlines will be here before we know it.”

Sedlock says the grants such as the Community Attractions and Tourism grant could be a big help in getting the project completed.  “That is approximately $1.3 million is the total we could get from that grant. 65% of the total project cost is required to be committed to the project before even asking for that grant, and we are very confident that we have that in donors. Just between getting out there and getting those commitments, they are pledges, it’s not actual dollars and cents, but we’re there, we’re very confident that we can get that dollar amount.”

Sedlock also announced at the council meeting that they have a donor who has committed to donating a plot of land for the museum in the Emerald Edge subdivision.  “This is a change from the last time we were up here to speak with you all. We see pros of being on Highway 18, you’re very close to the interstate as well as being right on that main corridor, so area communities can come and enjoy it in the winter time.”

The council unanimously approved the proposal.