Charles City man to federal prison for dealing drugs, making pipe bombs

CEDAR RAPIDS — A Charles City man has been sentenced to 14 years in prison after pleading guilty to dealing drugs and making pipe bombs.

34-year-old Thomas Downer confessed in US District Court in Cedar Rapids that he sold more than five grams of pure methamphetamine on October 27th 2020, possessing and selling five pipe bombs on October 30th 2020, and possessing firearms after being convicted of one or more felony offenses on November 13th 2020. Prosecutors said Downer’s pipe bombs were made of plastic plumbing pipe and included BBs and nails as shrapnel.

Downer pleaded guilty to one count of distribution of more than five grams of pure meth, possession of multiple destructive devices and possession of firearms as a felon.

After serving his 14 year prison sentence, Downer must also serve five years on supervised release.