You may need to update your job search technique

DES MOINES — Iowa’s unemployment rate has remained low, but there are still people looking for work.

Iowa Workforce Development director Beth Townsend says the agency can help you with a modern approach to finding a job. “The way that people find jobs the way that people apply for and get jobs is a little bit different than it was five, ten, 15 years ago, and so if you’re not having success in your job search for goodness sake please come see us,” Townsend says.

She says they can revamp your approach. “We can help you update your search. We can help your search activities, we can help you update your resume and polish off your interview skills,” she says. I like to tell people in this environment that if you’re not getting a job, it’s most likely because there’s something you’re doing or that’s on your resume that is adversely affecting the employer’s interest in you.”

Townsend says it’s worth it to have them take a look. “It may just be something very simple that we can just take care of right away and you know frame it differently or updated or corrected,” she says.

Townsend encourages you to seek out help in your job search from Iowa Workforce Development.