Work continues to North 32nd Street project in Clear Lake

CLEAR LAKE — Construction continues on a road that will help spur development on Clear Lake’s east side. The improvements to North 32nd Street north of the intersection of State Highway 122 will create economic development in the area that is the former Andrews Prestressed Concrete property. The City Council recently approved an amendment to this fiscal year’s budget as city officials believe that more of the project will be completed prior to June 30th than originally anticipated.

Mayor Nelson Crabb says developers of the property are already looking at details about that land.  “They are talking streets now within that piece of property, how are they going arrange those within now that we’ve gotten movement on North 32nd Street and how do the streets in there match up with that, and gain access to it.”

City officials have been working on a development agreement and letter of intent for a large-scale hotel and conference center as part of improvements to the area. Crabb says he anticipates more details on that will come out soon. “I think pretty soon they will come to a head as to what the hotel is, what it’s going to look like, what about the conference center, how big is that going to be, what is the eating establishment there, how do they all fit together, where do they all fit together, what it’s going to look like, that’s coming down the road. As I’ve said before, patience in this area is an ingredient of genius, so here we go again. Government doesn’t move real, real fast, but we will get there and it will look very, very nice.”

McKiness Excavating of Mason City won the bid for the North 32nd Street project at a price tag of just under $1.76 million.

Crabb made his comments on this week’s “Ask the Mayor” program on AM-1300 KGLO. You can listen back to the program by heading to the “Ask the Mayor” archive section