With one month to go, Hinson stops in Mason City to campaign for another US House term

MASON CITY — Congresswoman Ashley Hinson stopped in Mason City Saturday morning to talk to about 30 supporters at the Cerro Gordo County Republican headquarters.

Hinson answered several questions from those on hand, including about President Biden’s recent executive actions on student loan debt and those convicted of simple federal marijuana possession charges.

Hinson tells KGLO News that people are complaining to her about Biden’s actions.  “People are very frustrated by this executive overreach. First of all, we know that student loan debt cannot be canceled, it can only be transferred. I’ve heard from so many people who say ‘I was a truck driver, I didn’t have student loans, but now I’m on the hook for everyone else’s student debt that I didn’t incur?’ So I think it’s a slap in the face to people who are now incurring those costs as taxpayers by that transfer. With the pardons for the marijuana offenses, that’s Congress’ job to decide what the penalty should be.”

Hinson accuses the White House of making decisions like this just to try to win over voters.  “We have to have a nation of laws, we need accountability in this country. I think it’s very clear that this administration does not care about accountability, they care about pandering for votes, and that’s what we are seeing happen from the executive branch right now.”

Hinson is a Republican from Marion seeking her second term in the US House. She’s being challenged by Democratic state senator Liz Mathis of Cedar Rapids in the new US House District 2 that includes Cerro Gordo, Worth, Mitchell, Floyd and Butler counties in our immediate listening area as well as most of northeastern Iowa.