West Fork schools cancel classes Friday after threat investigation

SHEFFIELD — The West Fork Community School District decided to cancel classes today after the investigation of a threat.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department says law enforcement from Franklin and Cerro Gordo counties responded to their schools in Rockwell and Sheffield on Thursday after a comment was made to school staff. It was not known at the time if that threat was credible. Law enforcement is continuing to investigate.

The West Fork School District had sent out a message to parents on Thursday, saying it was likely that the threatening email came from out of state or out of country and would not be a credible threat at all.

Superintendent Mike Kruger sent a follow-up message to parents this morning with the notification that classes were going to be canceled for today, saying they were continuing to work with law enforcement to verify where the threat originated from to ensure everyone’s safety.


This story was originally posted at 8:55 AM and updated at 10:35 AM