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Vilsack: Today’s innovations make this ‘an exciting new world’ for beginning farmers

ST. PAUL — The former Iowa governor who now heads the US Department of Agriculture says the young farmers of today will be the key to innovation that will sustain the industry.

US Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says the next generation of farmers will be the ones in the spotlight and help to feed the planet.  “It’s an exciting new world, you just have to continue to have hope, okay?” Vilsack says, “and it’s going to make young people want to get into this business.”

Vilsack encourages young people to be open to inspiration, urging them to follow their dreams and branch out into the ag sector. While recognizing current difficulties in the ag industry, Vilsack says the opportunity for innovation and change in farming makes this an exciting moment in history. “Our challenge is to make sure we provide you the technical assistance to make sure you understand how to get into the business, the credit that allows you to get in business, and then markets that allow you to stay in business,” Vilsack says.

One of the U-S-D-A’s goals, he says, is to make sure young people who want to farm have the resources necessary to enter the industry. Vilsack made his comments before the opening of the Minnesota State Fair, which started its 12-day run earlier Thursday.

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