US Senator Ernst making stops in north-central Iowa

MASON CITY — Iowa Senator Joni Ernst is spending her second day in north-central Iowa today, visiting businesses in Britt and Mason City this morning before stopping at two local high schools.

Ernst says she enjoys being in contact with her constituents.   “It’s so important to get out there and not only visit with administration and our teachers, but also hear what’s going on with some of those students. We’ve got such bright young men and women all across the state of Iowa, so it’s just good to engage, hear what they are going through, and of course the challenges that they face.”

Ernst says students and administrators are facing a number of issues every day in the classroom.   “Part about mental health, that is an area that impacts our youth, but also those administrators and the teachers and the challenges they face in a very different world maybe than the world I grew up in. It’s good to engage and know maybe how we can be better, not just reactive but proactive when it comes to issues in the classrooms.”

Ernst says there’s a lot of rules and regulations that the federal government pushes out every single day that can be burdensome on small businesses.  “I do believe in smaller government and this impacts our small businesses and how they can operate. So making sure that we are hearing from those businesses and the challenges that they face, whether it’s a regulatory environment, or there’s challenges that inflation is causing on that small business. All of these things we need to take a look at and make sure we’re being responsive to their concerns.”

Ernst made her comments during a stop at the KGLO studios on Monday night. She stopped at the Clarion Locker on Monday afternoon. This morning, she is visiting the Original Saw Company in Britt and Heidelberg Materials in Mason City. She’ll also visit Northwood-Kensett and St. Ansgar high schools.