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UPDATE — One dead after officer-involved shooting in Winnebago County over the weekend

THOMPSON — More details have been released about an officer-involved shooting in Winnebago County over the weekend, including that the person shot has died.

The Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department on Saturday evening was called out to 164 Van Buren Street in Thompson on an emergency call of an assault. On arrival, Deputy Josh Douglas encountered a resident of the address, 48-year-old James Anderson, who was armed with a loaded nine millimeter handgun.

Anderson admitted that the 9-1-1 call was a ruse and that there had been no assault. Anderson refused to drop his handgun as officers negotiated with him for nearly ten minutes. He was despondent over a recent medical diagnosis. Anderson pointed his weapon in the direction of officers and was shot one time, and later died of his injuries.

The Sheriff’s Department says the incident remains under investigation. Upon completion of the investigation, the results will be forwarded to the Winnebago County Attorney’s Office and the Iowa Attorney General’s Office for review.

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