U.S. Reps stumping in Iowa for Trump, DeSantis bring up budget beefs

DES MOINES — Two Republican congressmen have just made trips to Iowa in support of two different G-O-P presidential candidates, bringing along their complaints about the U-S House and federal spending.

Kentucky Congresswoman Thomas Massie joined Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at events in Fort Dodge and Johnston this weekend. Massie talked about forcing members of the U-S House to vote in person, in March of 2020, on the $2 trilliong pandemic relief package. “Everybody hated me for it, for making them come to Washington, D.C.,” Massie said, “and there were $1200 checks, even among some Republicans.”

President Trump, who supported and quickly signed the package, called Massie a “third rate grandstander” for his parliamentary move, which delayed passage of the bill. Massie said Trump threatened him by phone. “And (Trump) said: ‘I’m coming at you like you’ve never seen…I’m backing your primary opponent and you’re going to lose. I’m more popular than you,’” Massie said, imitating Trump’s voice for a crowd in Fort Dodge, then Massie added in his own voice: “Well, I went back in there and I objected anyway.”

Massie said that bill has caused inflation “for years down the road.”

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz made a solo stop for Trump in Cedar Rapids on Friday. Gaetz, who helped oust Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the U.S. House, complained about the budget process the new speaker is pursuing, although he did not mention House Speaker Mike Johnson by name. “I am trying to bring some sanity to Washington, D.C.,” Gaetz said, “and they all think I’m crazy, but I kind of think they are.”

Gaetz said it’s crazy for congress to vote on the entire budget of the United States of America all at once. “We would all want to be there for our troops and our veterans and the elderly and the disabled,” Gaetz said, “but when you are required to vote for those programs alongside all of the waste and wokeness, then you don’t get the type of itemized review that can put downward pressure on spending.”

Gaetz said the process lets members of congress from both parties avoid making tough decisions.

Trump is scheduled to speak in Waterloo tomorrow.