Trump speaks in Iowa after ruling boots him off Colorado’s ballot

WATERLOO — Former President Donald Trump spoke to a crowd in Waterloo last night and made an indirect reference to a Colorado Supreme Court decision that could keep him off Colorado’s ballot.

“We’re not going to allow them to rig the 2024 election,” Trump said, to cheers.

Just before the rally, Trump’s campaign announced there would be a swift appeal of the ruling, which said Trump’s ineligible to run for president because of his role in the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Trump’s hour-long speech in Waterloo focused on the themes of his 2024 campaign. Trump repeated his promise to deport most of the people who’ve illegally crossed the border during Biden’s presidency. “We had a single highest day record of illegal border crossings ever recorded — 12,600 (in) one day,” Trump said. “We have no idea who any of them are.”

Trump also dismissed criticism that his rhetoric about immigrants is similar to Adolph Hitler’s. “They’re destroying the blood of our country. That’s what they’re doing,” Trump said. “…They don’t like it when I said that and I never read ‘Mein Kamph.’”

Hitler described his vision for the Nazi party in the book. The Biden campaign calls Trump a threat to democracy. Trump said he’s being attacked because polls show he’s beating Biden.

Trump urged the Waterloo crowd to turn out at the Caucuses on January 15 and provide a winning margin that would prompt his GOP competitors to drop out. “We can put this to bed after Iowa, if you want to know the truth,” Trump said.

Governor Kim Reynolds is accusing Trump of airing an advertisement that misleads Iowans. Reynolds endorsed Trump rival Ron DeSantis in November. The ads currently airing in Iowa feature statements Reynolds made in the past that praise Trump. Reynolds mentioned the ad as she campaigned with DeSantis.

“It is time for a new leader,” Reynolds said. “It is time for a leader that can win and, most importantly, it is time for a leader that can serve eight years, not just four.”

Reynolds cited a timeline that started with Trump being “very upset” that she hadn’t endorsed him, then Trump said her public backing “wasn’t worth anything” when she endorsed DeSantis. “Now, he’s using me to mislead Iowans as if I’m endorsing him and I want to be clear, you know I supported President Trump in 2016. I voted for him. I supported him in 2020. I supported his polities, but it’s a different day,” Reynolds said. “It’s a different time.”

Trump last night called Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird Iowa’s “most popular politician.” Bird endorsed Trump in October.