Timeline set for City of Mason City to possibly end agreement with River City Renaissance hotel project developer

MASON CITY — The developer of a proposed hotel that’s part of the River City Renaissance Project has 120 days to move forward on the project or the City of Mason City will start the process of moving forward with finding another developer.

The City Council in November approved the sale of the land in the eastern portion of the Southbridge Mall parking lot to MCCCH Incorporated, headed by developer David Rachie. The deadline for closing on the sale was last month but did not happen.

During his appearance on the “Ask the Mayor” program on KGLO earlier today, Mayor Bill Schickel says the city has set the timeline for allowing MCCCH Incorporated to finalize the land sale and move forward with the project, or for the city to move on to finding another developer. “The city has reached agreement with the developer that unless we see action within the next 120 days, we’ll be looking at terminating the agreement with the developer. This 120 days time gives us the necessary time to protect the businesses that are in that area. We’ve got seven businesses in the mall right now, and if there’s not action, then we will be closing that agreement.”

Schickel agreed that the city has been as patient as they can be with MCCCH Incorporated. “And this has been a difficult process, but we’re going to move forward. We think we’ve reached an agreement where if there’s not action within this time frame then we’ll move forward with alternatives.”

Schickel would not comment on what those alternatives might entail. “I’m not going to get into those right now, but I think we do have some alternatives, and we will explore those as further as that becomes necessary.”

You can listen back to more of Schickel’s comments from the “Ask the Mayor” program by heading to the audio player below