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The number of people being tested for COVID is going down, you are encouraged to get tested if you have symptoms

MASON CITY — There’s been a downward trend in the number of people getting tested for COVID-19.

Cerro Gordo County Department of Public Health director Brian Hanft says if you feel like you have coronavirus symptoms, get tested.  “If people are mildly symptomatic or symptomatic, please by all means get in and get tested. Don’t leave that to chance. It’s important again to help with controlling the spread.”

Hanft says recent data shows more people are not getting tested for COVID. “I just read an article where the amount of testing has dropped off by a third, which is concerning to us. If there are asymptomatic people out there who haven’t had the vaccine yet, or even mildly symptomatic, people are not being tested nearly as much as they were.”

The number of active COVID-19 cases in Cerro Gordo County has been slowly inching up. Hanft says he doesn’t foresee a large spike in cases like we had last fall.  “ I’m optimistic that we’re not going to see a spike like we saw in November, because obviously we had no vaccines that were going out. We have a lot of vaccines going out now. We’re doing 1000 a day. That’s definitely going to be impactful as it relates to a surge. I do think that we could see a 10% positivity rate again. I don’t think that’s too far out of line. All we can do is continue to monitor what’s going on with those numbers and try to put out messaging that’s might otherwise address keeping those numbers as low as we can.”

Hanft made his comments during the City of Mason City/Cerro Gordo County COVID-19 press conference yesterday that you heard on AM-1300 KGLO. Watch the news conference below. 




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