Temperatures will warm up

JOHNSTON — Temperatures are going to warm up in Iowa as we hit midweek.

National Weather Service meteorologist Alexis Jimenez  says temperatures will be more normal with highs today in the low to mid 40s, and then being in the 40s again on Thursday with a passing system and some rain in the far southeastern part of Iowa. Those temperatures would melt the snow, and that helps keep things warmer. “Certainly with snow on the ground it keeps our temperatures lower a little bit, but once we push above freezing, that snow melts off and that effect kind of goes away,” Jimenez says.

Jimenez says there doesn’t appear to be any big cold stretches coming up for now. “We’ll just sort of just trend on those lower temperatures as we get into December and approach the winter months here. But thankfully, generally we’re going to be near average for the foreseeable future,” she says.

Jimenez says Iowa might get some more snow late Saturday into Sunday, especially here in  northern Iowa.