Teal season opens September 1st

With highs forecast in the 90s across much of Iowa this weekend, it won’t feel at all like fall, but an autumnal activity will kick off that’s a sure sign the cooler weather is coming soon.

Iowa Department of Natural Resources conservation officer Nate Carr says two popular Iowa hunting season are opening on Friday. “Once we hit September, we start seeing stuff almost every weekend it seems like, especially throughout October and November,” Carr says, “but particularly next weekend, teal season, which is kind of a bonus duck season before the regular duck seasons, that’ll open up September 1, as well as our dove season.”

Iowa’s teal season is short and runs just through September 16th, while the dove season lasts through November 29th. “They haven’t been around as long as some of our typical seasons,” Carr says. “Dove season’s first season here in Iowa was back in 2011, so they’re both fairly new, both growing in popularity, but they’re both good opportunities to get out, especially after a long summer. It’s a good sign that fall is finally here.”

Carr says hunters will need to be prepared before they head for the field this weekend. “Make sure you have a hunting license and habitat fee for both teal and doves, but if you’re hunting teal, in addition to your hunting and habitat fee, you’re also going to need your migratory bird fee and your federal duck stamp.” There’s also registration needed for HIP, or the Harvest Information Program. There’s no fee associated with HIP but hunters of migratory game birds are required to fill out the brief survey. Iowa’s cottontail rabbit and squirrel hunting seasons open on Saturday.
Learn more at: www.iowadnr.gov.