STATE RACES — Reynolds wins governor’s race, Naig to remain Ag Secretary, Sand beats Auditor incumbent Mosiman

=== Republican Kim Reynolds has won her first full term as governor, beating Democratic businessman Fred Hubbell.

Voters elected Reynolds on Tuesday. She became governor in 2017 after Terry Branstad was named ambassador to China, and had previously won two terms at lieutenant governor.

In her campaign, Reynolds pointed to Iowa’s low unemployment rate and her support of legislation that lowered taxes, expanded mental health options and sought to outlaw most abortions.

Reynolds becomes the first woman elected governor of Iowa. Before her terms as lieutenant governor, she served in the Legislature.

She overcame a challenge from Hubbell, who argued Reynolds had poorly managed the state and had wasted taxpayer money on corporate tax breaks. Hubbell also criticized Reynolds for her support for privatizing Iowa’s Medicaid system for poor and disabled people.



=== Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate has been elected to a second term, beating Democrat Deidre DeJear.

Pate won Tuesday after a campaign that focused largely on his successful efforts to implement voter identification.

Pate worked with his fellow Republicans in the Legislature to approve voter ID regulations, then argued he took all steps possible to ensure people knew about the rule changes and were able to obtain necessary forms of identification.

DeJear opposed voter ID but pushed for doing more to ensure everyone was able to vote, rather than seeking repeal of the law.

Pate has served as secretary of state since 2015 and also held that office in the 1990s. He previously was mayor of Cedar Rapids and a state senator.

Libertarian Jules Ofenbakh also sought the office.



=== Republican Mike Naig will remain state agriculture secretary.

Voters on Tuesday choose Naig over Democrat Tim Gannon, a central Iowa farmer who previously worked for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Naig grew up on a farm in northwest Iowa and has worked at the state agriculture department since 2013. Gov. Kim Reynolds appointed him agriculture secretary in March and he received the GOP nomination at a state convention over four other candidates.

The Iowa Farm Bureau endorsed Naig and ran ads on his behalf.

Both candidates opposed policies by President Donald Trump that resulted in tariffs being imposed on Iowa crops. Gannon supported increasing the sales tax to fund a natural resource and outdoor recreation fund. Naig opposed the proposal.

Libertarian Rick Stewart also sought the office.



=== Democrat Rob Sand has been elected Iowa’s state auditor, beating incumbent Republican Mary Mosiman.

Sand won Tuesday’s election after a more high-profile campaign than is typical for the office.

Sand, an attorney and former prosecutor with the state attorney general’s office, ran an aggressive campaign that focused on his call for more investigations of misspending in state and local governments.

Mosiman was appointed auditor in 2013 and then elected to a full term in 2014. She previously was Story County’s auditor and worked in the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office

She had stressed her experience as a certified public accountant.



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