State legislator continues press for national convention to change US constitution

SPIRIT LAKE — A top Republican in the state legislature says the current situation in congress shows the federal government is broken and it’s time to make changes in the US Constitution.

State Representative John Wills of Spirit Lake — the Speaker Pro Tem in the IOWA House — is a long-time advocate for a Constitutional Convention.  “Congress can propose changes to the Constitution. I just don’t think the current congress is going to limit itself or change itself,” Wills says. “The other way is that the states can petition for a Constitutional Convention.”

34 states must pass resolutions calling for such a meeting. So far, 19 have done so, but Iowa has not. Wills says a balanced budget amendment to the US constitution is a priority for him — and a Constitutional Convention could propose one. “We’re $33 trillion in debt and if it continues to rise at the pace we’re going to have $100 trillion of debt over the next 20 years and that’s just unsustainable. We can’t continue that,” Wills says. “I don’t think the congress or the president — I don’t care which party they’re from — has any inkling that they’re going to control it.”

Critics of convening a Constitutional Convention say there are no limits to what delegates could propose and it could lead to major changes in our form of government. The US Constitution was written by a Constitutional Convention in 1787. It has 27 amendments, the last of which was passed in 1992.