Some Cerro Gordo County roads still closed or being repaired after weekend storms

MASON CITY — The Cerro Gordo County Engineer says crews are continuing to work on several roads that were impacted by this weekend’s storm damage.

Mary Kelly says a majority of the roads damaged were in the northeastern part of the county. County Road S-70 south of Nora Springs suffered the most damage and continues to be closed. Kelly says people are continuing to try to use that road and they should not be for their safety.

“It is fully closed as of now because with the additional rain there was some more erosion and washouts. It is fully closed right now, however people don’t seem to mind the road signs, and they keep moving the fence. The road is there, but it’s undermined underneath the roadway. They should not be driving over it because the road could fail.”

Kelly says another road that suffered major damage was Claybanks Drive near the Claybanks Recreational area. “There’s some serious roadbed issues, we’ve closed the ones we needed to. A big one is that Claybanks. The road runs parallel to the river, so when the river comes up, it just erodes the roadway. Maybe that one was two foot deep, so they just built it back up. Actually they have that one open.”

Kelly says they sent the motor graders out on Sunday to start the cleanup and repair process. “The main goal was try to get over spots and get the debris off the road, get over spots to make the road a little safer to travel, and then look for additional damage that would require closures or signage. We did that Sunday, they were out about 6:00 AM and finished around 4:00-4:30. They went out yesterday (Monday) and started with shoulder repairs on the hard surface, and then hauling rock to the washout areas. That’s what they are continuing to work at today.”

Kelly says some of her crews continue to work while they have flood issues of their own at home. “A lot of the guys, they’re working, but they still have the wet basements at home, and the issues to deal with at home that they can’t necessarily deal with while they are at work. It’s a good group of guys, they did a good job, they’re doing a good job. They’re really working well. We have truck drivers down from the south up here helping, because Rockwell wasn’t hit as hard, so they help each other out and try to get the job done.”

Kelly made her comments to the Cerro Gordo County Board of Supervisors earlier today.



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