DES MOINES — Iowa State Patrol spokesman Sergeant Alex Dinkla says slowing down is one of the biggest things you can do to ensure your safety as you wrap up your Independence Day celebrations and head home.

“We are seeing a lot of people still at what we call those egregious speeds, people traveling at over 100 miles an hour. And some of the speeds are just out of this world that we are seeing out on our roadways,” Dinkla says. 

He says they’ve clocked drivers at speeds on public roadways which should only be found on a race track. “We’re not just talking about 100 or 101 miles an hour, we’re talking about 120, 130, 140 miles an hour we’re seeing out here on our roadways, the dangers of that and being killed in a crash are increased significantly. So we cannot stress enough to please obey that speed limit as you’re driving anywhere around our state of Iowa,” according to Dinkla. 

He says it’s not uncommon for someone to be celebrating the holiday and they end up impaired by alcohol and drugs. “If you choose to use some of those alcohol or different items, we want you to go find that sober driver, we want you to make sure that you are safe not only for yourself, but others that are on our roadways,” he says.

There will be extra troopers and county and local officers out on the roadway today as part of a special holiday enforcement.