Showing no remorse, Gilmore sentenced to 50 years for brutal murder of Mason City woman

OSAGE — An Osage man has been sentenced to 50 years in prison after pleading guilty to second-degree murder in the 2021 death of a Mason City woman.

23-year-old Nathan Gilmore was arrested and charged last August with first-degree murder in connection with the death of 29-year-old Angela Bradbury. Bradbury went missing in April 2021, with authorities accusing Gilmore of picking her up near the Cerro Gordo County Jail on April 6th of that year and later murdering her. Gilmore then allegedly placed her skull on a stick that was found in the Greenbelt River Trail Park in rural Mitchell County in July 2021, with additional remains being located in the park in April of last year.

Investigators say a search warrant executed at Gilmore’s residence prior to his arrest discovered a drawing with satanic graphics, blood splatter, and a series of numbers that allegedly linked him to Bradbury’s murder.

Gilmore was originally charged with first-degree murder, a Class A felony that carries a mandatory life prison sentence without the opportunity for parole, but he pleaded guilty in August to the Class B forcible felony charge of second-degree murder as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors.

District Judge Gregg Rosenbladt says that during a pre-sentence investigation, Gilmore showed no remorse and admitted murdering Bradbury.  “These are your words to the author — ‘I met someone, I stabbed her in the neck and went back to work. I never even knew her name until she was reported missing. I don’t feel really anything about it. It was easy and not the worst thing I’ve done.’ I would indicate to the court and Mr. Gilmore that you really lack insight and remorse into what you have done.”

Bradbury’s father Tim and sister Alyssa made victim impact statements during the sentencing hearing. Tim Bradbury admonished Gilmore for his actions.   “You did not stab my daughter in an act of self-defense or even rage, but to feed your own sadistic appetite. I will forever live with the fact that your face was the last face she ever saw. That tears the last emotion she felt. You killed my child and then went home like nothing happened.”

Tim Bradbury told Gilmore he could not understand the sadistic way that he murdered his daughter and then decapitated her.  “The head that I kissed good night hundreds of times. The head that her mom placed her hand on to feel for a fever. The head of which the most perfect, mischievous smile would creep. The head her beloved dog Batman licked with enthusiasm. You took it and placed it on a spike in an attempt to appease the devil inside of you. How could anyone do that? How could any decent person sleep with that on their conscience?” Tim Bradbury told Gilmore his life is over as he will spend most of the rest of his life in a prison cell.  “While this murder was meant to be a sacrifice, I want you to know that the one, only sacrifice that day was your future. The rest was unfortunate collateral damage of a dark, sadistic soul.”

Gilmore was sentenced to a 50-year prison term with the mandate of 35 years having to be served before he’d be eligible for parole.