Sculpture of child, dog enjoying ice cream this year’s “People’s Choice” winner for River City Sculptures on Parade

MASON CITY — A whimsical depiction of a child and dog enjoying ice cream has been named as the winner of the annual “People’s Choice” competition as part of the River City Sculptures on Parade. The sculpture, entitled “Sundays with Jessie”, is the creation of artist Susan Geissler of Youngstown New York.

Sculptures on Parade president Robin Anderson says this is a special piece to the artist. “She actually had a friend who had a dog that looked like this, and every Sunday they would go and get ice cream. So she created this sculpture in tribute to her friend and their dog.”

According to an agreement with the artist, the sculpture program and the City Council, the City of Mason City will purchase the sculpture at a cost of $15,000 for permanent display on the sculpture walk. The sculpture is currently on display in front of the Mason City Police Department, with preliminary plans calling for it to be permanently placed on Delaware Avenue near Market 124.